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Tuesday Night Enduro Wrap-up for June 3rd

Tuesday Night Enduro Wrap-up for June 3rd

Last night we tried something different, no race control screen and no over-head screen. And after a couple year absence we also had the return of Mike Shawhan, past enduro champion, Spec E30 points leader and former LMK employee getting some seat time for his upcoming K&N Series race at Sears Point along with some other faces we haven’t seen in a while. Also the awards to the last series winners were handed out, with VJ and Vladimir Putin taking home the hardware.

Our hope of teams not seeing who’s in the lead would make them think they could be the race leader didn’t seem to cause the confusion that we had expected to see. The several yellow flags also gave away who was leading. VJ and I knew it wasn’t us, Rick and Mike knew it wasn’t them….you should probably be passing people to be the leader, not getting passed!

Last night also probably holds the record for enduro black flags, coincidence..maybe? But drivers did seem to be impatient with passing. Again, perhaps because we were on that end of all those passes!!

After the 60min ran out, Davin (ironman) finished with 166 laps and in front of Vladimir Putin who was 3 seconds back and Sushanth 1 lap down in 3rd.

Next week we will be starting the new race series, so get a partner!!