League News:


Jon Vanorsdale got another win in LeMans Karting’s Eldora Heats League Series Sunday night. This gives him a 23 point lead over second place Joey Cole and 26 points over 3rd place Rex Peeler. Rex’s second place finish in the race tightened the gap between him and Joey. He still needs a few more points to take the second spot. With 5 more races left in the series, we could still see some shake ups throughout the standings.

Sunday results:

  1. Jon Vanorsdale
  2. Rex Peeler
  3. Joey Cole
  4. Rick Gaan
  5. Matt Barnes
  6. Magnum Tate


Ian Harris and TJ Williams took top honors in LeMans Karting’s Enduro League race Sunday. It wasn’t an easy victory for the pair. With similar pit stop times and almost identical lap times as Kyre Mullaney the two teams seemed to be locked in battle almost the entire race. In the closing laps, TJ and Kyre swapped the lead several times until Magnum Tate, in an effort to get back on the lead lap, passed Kyre while he was in the second position and was making an effort to get past TJ to regain the lost lap. This made it difficult for Kyre to try to overtake TJ again for the first position.

Magnum and his teammate Javier Laurnaga were both lightning fast on the track, but slower than normal pit stops cost them a chance at the top spot. This was the first race they ran as a team and only their second race each doing driver changes.

Rick Gaan seemed to have the race locked up till the lap 91 caution blew his pit strategy. He was the only driver who had not made all of his stops and had a full lap lead on second and third place. Rick had been pulling 16 second pit stops and would have made his last stop and still retained the lead position as he had done earlier in the race. The caution, however, allowed second and third place to pull directly up behind him on the restart making it easy for them to regain the lap and the top spots once Rick made his final stop.

Matt Barnes was fast as usual, leading about 15 laps in the early going of the event. Pit stops proved to be his kryptonite again, though, costing him the podium finish he seemed destined to achieve last night.

  1. Ian Harris/TJ Williams
  2. Kyre Mullaney
  3. Rick Gaan
  4. Javier Laurnaga/Magnum Tate
  5. Matt Barnes

Eldora Series Point Standings:

Pos Racer Name E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 Total
1 TURTLE WITH NO LEGS 25 25 25 25 20 25 145
2 Smooth Hammer 20 19 19 22 22 20 122
3 Showtime 22 16 20 20 19 22 119
4 M-BREEZY! 16 17 14 13 17 77
5 bennett 19 14 12 16 61
6 Gaanster aka Nosey 18 17 19 54
7 Javier Laurnaga 18 18 36
9 Missing Link 18 15 33
10 magnum 5 15 18 33
11 Flyin’ Brian 25 25
12 Southerlin47 22 22
13 MAVERICK 22 22
14 AMISH MAFIA 20 20
15 Mocha Mike 19 19
16 Logan Clark 18 18
17 Money Mayweather 17 17
18 JEREMY LIN 16 16
19 Garrett Clark 16 16

League Types:


1st and 3rd Sundays Monthly @ 5:30PM

  • 2 person team format
  • 1 hour race with 3 driver changes
  • Must be capable of running 29.5 second lap times
  • Must have LMK annual membership
  • $100 per team race entry fee


2nd and 4th Sun Monthly @ 5:30PM

  • Winter heat series: Jan – Jun (12 races)
  • Summer heat series: Jul – Dec (11 races)
  • Individual racer format
  • Two 10-lap heat races per racer
  • Top 24 racers move on to 15-lap semi-final
  • Top 10 racers from semi-final compete in a 25-lap final
  • Must have LMK annual membership
  • $25 League Series sign-up fee