All guests are required to either provide a government issued Drivers License before racing or go through LeMans Driver Training. Reservations Recommended.

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Thursday Night Enduro League

7:00pm Arrival

7:15 Drivers Meeting

7:30pm Race Start

$60 per driver or $120 per team

Able to join Tuesday Night Pro Enduro League upon invite.

(requires annual membership)

TEAM ENDURO PRO SERIES – Tuesday Night Pro Enduro League

(Invite Only)

7:00pm Arrival

7:15pm Drivers Meeting

7:30pm Race Start

(Winter Series: Nov – Dec)

(Winter/Spring Series: Jan – March)

Series Format: 7 race series, 1 throw away race, 2 person team format, 1 hour race with three driver changes

$60 per driver or $120 per team race entry fee

1.5 Bonus Race (one random week out of the series)

Congratulations to Papal Thunder for their win in our 2015 Winter Enduro Series!

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SUNDAY NIGHT HEATS – 4th Sunday Monthly

Individual racer format

2 “12 lap” heat races per racer with top 24 transferring into a “16 lap” semi-final

The top 10 from the semi-finals will race a “25 lap” a-main

$40 race entry fee

$20 membership