All guests are required to either provide a government issued Drivers License before racing or go through LeMans Driver Training. Reservations Recommended.

Congratulations to Our First Corporate Cup Winners!

Congratulations to Our First Corporate Cup Winners!

What better way to start the day than racing? The sun was shining, meaning that California’s only Indoor – Outdoor Mega Track was good to go. With our first ever Corporate Cup, we had 7 entrants come to compete, and try to take home the gold.  Each team brought out their top 3 driver’s to represent their company for the 1 Hour Enduro format.

As each company completed their qualifying runs,  we had each team within 1.315 seconds of each other, with Team Lam Research taking pole position. Although qualifying is one thing, the Enduro is another. Races can be won and lost in the pit lanes for driver swaps, and positions can be compromised by a single driver error.

After each team got their first driver situated on the starting grid, and the green flag dropped, and it was race time. The race ran smoothly with very few caution laps, until the race had only minutes left before a winner was crowned. A caution thrown out with only a mere 4-5 laps left had caused Team 034 Motorsport to drop down to 3rd place, with Team Magnussen Lexus hot on it’s tail in 4th.  Team Subaru had go up to 2nd place, and Team Lam Research gaining the 1st place position once again. With only laps left to hold their position, Team Lam Research was able to cross the checkered flag in first place!



Race Results (Average Lap Time / Best Lap Time)

1st: Lam Research (31.747 / 28.962)
2nd: Subaru (31.746 / 28.691)
3rd: 034 Motorsport (31.823 / 28.798)
4th: Magnussen’s Lexus (31.872 / 28.899)
5th: KLA Tencor (32.293 / 28.902)
6th: Palo Alto Networks (32.571 / 29.568)
7th: Google (32.832 / 29.41)

Definitely another jam packed Enduro for the books.  
If your team wasn’t able to make it for this race, keep your eyes peeled for our next qualifying round!


Let us know if you’d like to join our next round!